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Pelagic zone: Quiz


Question 1: Examples of migratory forage fish are herring, ________, capelin and menhaden.
Orange roughyRainbow troutCatfishAnchovy

Question 2: In deep water the pelagic zone is sometimes called the open-ocean zone and can be contrasted with water that is near the ________ or on the continental shelf.
EstuaryCoral reefBeachCoast

Question 3: Examples are the ________, macaroni penguins, sooty terns, shearwaters, and procellariiforms such as the albatross, procellariids and petrels.
Herring GullAtlantic PuffinSeabirdRazorbill

Question 4: Nearly all ________ in the ocean occurs here.
CyanobacteriaPrimary productionPlanktonPhytoplankton

Question 5: These fish are often migratory ________, which feed on plankton, and the larger fish that follow and feed on the forage fish.
Game fishForage fishShoaling and schoolingBait fish

Question 6: This layer is the domain of fish such as tuna, many sharks, dolphin fish, and ________.

Question 7: By this depth the ocean is pitch black, apart from the occasional ________ organism, such as lanternfish.
Vibrio fischeriKrillCnidariaBioluminescence

Question 8: The term ________ includes birds which live around the sea adjacent to land, as well as pelagic birds.

Question 9: ________ (as well as smaller squids & Dumbo octopodes) live at this depth, and here they are hunted by deep-diving sperm whales.
Largest organismsColossal SquidCephalopodGiant squid

Question 10: Fish that live in the demersal zone are called ________.
Demersal fishCoastal fishPelagic fishCoral reef fish


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