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Question 1: Others are ________, which doubles their chances of producing both eggs and sperm when an encounter occurs.
IntersexualitySexual differentiationHermaphroditeSpecies

Question 2: They may live around features, such as ________, which have strong currents.
Cold seepHydrothermal ventSeamountPelagic zone

Question 3: Many forage fish are facultative predators that can pick individual ________ or fish larvae out of the water column, and then change to filter feeding on phytoplankton when energetically that gives better results.

Question 4: These are high ________ species which undertake migrations of significant but variable distances across oceans for feeding, often on forage fish, or reproduction, and also have wide geographic distributions.
ChemosynthesisEcosystemAutotrophTrophic level

Question 5: perciforms - jacks, dolphinfish, pomfrets, ________, tunas, billfish.
BarbadosNigeriaGreat barracudaBarracuda

Question 6: [52] Examples are the orange roughy and ________.
Patagonian toothfishYellowfin tunaWild fisheriesRainbow trout

Question 7: However, most organic components of marine snow are consumed by ________, zooplankton and other filter-feeding animals within the first 1,000 metres of their journey, that is, within the epipelagic zone.

Question 8: The most important sensory systems are usually the ________, which responds to sound, and the lateral line, which responds to changes in water pressure.
Semicircular canalMiddle earInner earCochlea

Question 9: One population migrates to the North Sea, another stays in of the ________, and the third population migrates southwards along the west coast of Scotland and Ireland.
Mediterranean SeaArctic OceanIrish SeaAtlantic Ocean

Question 10: Traditional fisheries for ________ and sardines have also operated in the Pacific, the Mediterranean, and the southeast Atlantic.
CatfishAnchovyOrange roughyRainbow trout

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