Pegasus Mail: Quiz

Question 1: A version for ________ also used to be available.
MacintoshPower Macintosh G3Macintosh hardwarePowerBook

Question 2: Pegasus Mail will also not execute automation commands (for example ActiveX or ________) embedded in an e-mail, further reducing the chances of a security breach.

Question 3: The original version worked with ________ networks and their Message Handling System (MHS) mail system; a cut-down MHS-only version called FirstMail was bundled with NetWare.
Mono (software)Novell NetWareNovell Identity ManagerSUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

Question 4: It was originally released in ________ for internal and external mail on Netware networks with MS-DOS clients, and was subsequently ported to Microsoft Windows.

Question 5: Since Pegasus Mail does not make changes to the Windows registry or the system directory, it is suitable as a portable application for ________ drives.
EIA-422PCI ExpressUniversal Serial BusConventional PCI

Question 6: While Pegasus Mail and Mercury handle email only, the function of Pegasus Mail is comparable to Microsoft Outlook's mail handling, and Mercury to ________.
Windows MobileMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Visual StudioMicrosoft Exchange Server

Question 7: On May 17, 2007, an update to ________ caused that program to automatically delete the executable file for Pegasus Mail for Windows, claiming that it was a virus "Trjan.Dropper".
Norton AntiVirusSymantec Endpoint ProtectionNorton Internet SecurityNorton 360

Question 8: Although no longer developed or supported, older versions for MS-DOS and ________ are still available.
MacintoshMacintosh hardwarePower Macintosh G3PowerBook

Question 9: Pegasus Mail pioneered many features now taken for granted with other email clients, such as filtering and simultaneous access to multiple POP3 and ________ accounts, and continues to out-perform many other email clients.
Post Office ProtocolSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolInternet Message Access ProtocolE-mail

Question 10: Pegasus Mail supports the POP3, ________, and SMTP protocols as well as Novell's MHS.
Internet Message Access ProtocolPost Office ProtocolE-mailSimple Mail Transfer Protocol

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