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Question 1: Reviewers are typically ________ and independent, to help foster unvarnished criticism, and to discourage cronyism in funding and publication decisions.
Anonymous P2PPseudonymityCrypto-anarchismAnonymity

Question 2: To the would-be recruiter's advantage, most potential referees are ________ themselves, or at least readers, who know that the publication system requires that experts donate their time.
AuthorCopy (written)ProofreadingEditing

Question 3: A ________ arises when a reviewer and author have a disproportionate amount of respect (or disrespect) for each other.
Rationalization (sociology)CriminologyIndex of sociology articlesConflict of interest

Question 4: This process encourages ________ to meet the accepted standards of their discipline and prevents the dissemination of irrelevant findings, unwarranted claims, unacceptable interpretations, and personal views.
ProofreadingAuthorCopy (written)Editing

Question 5: Finally, ________ adds to the difficulty in finding reviewers in another way.
Crypto-anarchismAnonymous P2PPseudonymityAnonymity

Question 6: Some sociologists of science argue that peer review makes the ability to publish susceptible to control by ________ and to personal jealousy.
Social classElitismEliteRacism

Question 7: Pragmatically, peer review refers to the work done during the screening of submitted ________ and funding applications.
PapyrusManuscript cultureManuscriptBook

Question 8: Referees are supposed to inform the editor of any ________ that might arise.
Index of sociology articlesCriminologyRationalization (sociology)Conflict of interest

Question 9: In particular, the ________ uses it as a tool in the 'Open Method of Co-ordination' of policies in the fields of employment and social inclusion.
GermanyEuropean UnionDenmarkEuropean Parliament

Question 10: Granting agencies typically recruit a panel or ________ of reviewers in advance of the arrival of applications.
CommitteeChairmanQuorumParliamentary procedure

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