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Peer pressure: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, benign peer pressure refers to the achieving of school discipline and internal self-discipline (inner discipline within each individual) by democratic means.
Gymnasium (school)Elementary schoolSchoolCollege

Question 2: This is most commonly seen in youths that are active in ________ or other extracurricular activities.
SportOlympic GamesSports clubIreland

Question 3: Popular ________ are the most socialized into their peer groups and thus are vulnerable to peer pressures, such as behaviors usually reserved for those of a greater maturity and understanding, such as the use of drugs.
Developmental psychologyAdultPubertyAdolescence

Question 4: Conformity with ones peer group is strongest during ________.
AdolescenceAdultDevelopmental psychologyPuberty

Question 5: ________ was an experiment to demonstrate the appeal of fascism undertaken by history teacher Ron Jones with sophomore high school students attending his Contemporary History as part of a study of Nazi Germany.
The Wave (novel)Stanford prison experimentThe Wave (2008 film)The Third Wave

Question 6: promote hatred, take drugs, ________, get a girlfriend, marry, get a job, have children, buy items they don't really need (cars, houses, boats), etc.
Tobacco smokingCannabis (drug)TobaccoSmoking

Question 7: It's one useful tool in ________.
Kurt LewinAnarchismHumanLeadership

Question 8: The culture of ________ often has its own social norms that are different from the outside culture.
Public school (government funded)High schoolSecondary educationGymnasium (school)

Question 9: In ________, benign peer pressure refers to a technique used to boost team members' motivation, proactiveness and self goal settings.
ManagementEconomicsSocial sciencesSociology

Question 10: ________ identifies the anterior insula and anterior cingulate as key areas in the brain determining whether people conform in their preferences in regard to its being popular with their peer group.

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