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Pedophilia: Quiz


Question 1: Regarding disinhibitory traits, pedophiles demonstrate elevated ________ and propensity for cognitive distortions.
Borderline personality disorderPsychopathyHare Psychopathy ChecklistAntisocial personality disorder

Question 2: ________ has been applied with sex offenders with mental disabilities.
ReinforcementApplied behavior analysisBehavioral activationBehaviorism

Question 3: Several researchers have reported correlations between pedophilia and certain psychological characteristics, such as low ________[46][47] and poor social skills.
BullyingRelational aggressionPsychological manipulationSelf-esteem

Question 4: A diagnosis is further specified by the sex of the children the person is attracted to, if the impulses or acts are limited to ________, and if the attraction is "exclusive" or "nonexclusive".
IncestProstitutionMiscegenationSexual abuse

Question 5: [45] They concluded that there is some evidence that pedophilic men have less ________ than controls, but that the research is of poor quality and that it is difficult to draw any firm conclusion from it.

Question 6: Nepiophilia, also called infantophilia, is used to refer to a sexual preference for ________ and infants (usually ages 0–3).
Attachment theoryAdolescenceChild development stagesToddler

Question 7: [12][13] An example of this use can be seen in various ________ training manuals.
Forensic scienceForensic anthropologyForensic entomologyCSI effect

Question 8: In ________ and law enforcement, there have been a variety of typologies suggested to categorize pedophiles according to behavior and motivations.
Forensic psychologyLegal psychologyBehavioral neuroscienceAbnormal psychology

Question 9: While not causes of pedophilia themselves, comorbid psychiatric illnesses — such as ________ and substance abuse — are risk factors for acting on pedophilic urges.
Psychological manipulationPassive–aggressive behaviorPersonality disorderShame

Question 10: The ________ 4th edition Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) outlines specific criteria for use in the diagnosis of this disorder.
Classification of mental disordersSchizophreniaBipolar disorderDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

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