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Pedipalp: Quiz


Question 1: Pedipalps of ________ have the same segmentation as the legs, but the tarsus is undivided, and the pretarsus has no lateral claws.

Question 2: The pedipalps are distinctly raptorial in Amblypygi, Thelyphonida, Schizomida and some ________ belonging to the laniatorid group.
OpilionesSpiderArachnidHarvestman phylogeny

Question 3: Ricinulei, Thelyphonida, Scorpiones and ________, but the chelae in most of these taxa may not be homologous with those found in Xiphosura.

Question 4: They are traditionally thought to be homologous with mandibles in ________ and insects, although more recent studies (e.g.

Question 5: At present, the only reasonable alternative to this view is to assume that xiphosurans reflect the morphology of the primitive ________ pedipalp and to conclude that this appendage is primitively chelate.

Question 6: using ________) suggest they are probably homologous with the crustacean second antennae.
Hox geneTranscription factorHomeoboxHomeodomain fold

Question 7: Pedipalps (commonly shortened to palps or palpi), are the second pair of appendages of the prosoma in the subphylum ________.


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