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Pedal point: Quiz


Question 1: Other examples include ________'s "Agitation".
1958 Miles'Round About MidnightMiles DavisThe Complete On the Corner Sessions

Question 2: An inverted pedal is a pedal that is not in the bass (and often is the highest part.) Mozart included numerous inverted pedals in his works, particularly in the solo parts of his ________.
Cello concertoCelloConcertoBassoon

Question 3: The rarely-seen pedal harpsichord, a harpsichord with a ________ makes it easier to perform repeated bass notes on the harpsichord, since both hands are still free to play on the upper manual keyboards.
Pipe organMoog TaurusPedal keyboardProgressive rock

Question 4: A pedal point is a "________", which puts it in the same musical categories as suspensions, retardations, and passing tones.
NoteChord (music)TonalityNonchord tone

Question 5: In the Hitchcock thriller film North by Northwest, ________ "...uses the pedal point and ostinato as techniques to achieve tension," resulting in a dissonant, dramatic effect.
Alfred HitchcockPsycho (1960 film)Orson WellesBernard Herrmann

Question 6: Pedal points are somewhat problematic on the ________ or piano, which have only a limited sustain capability.
HarpsichordConcertoVirginalsBaroque music

Question 7: The pedal tone is considered a chord tone in the original harmony, then a ________ during the intervening dissonant harmonies, and then a chord tone again when the harmony resolves.
Nonchord toneNoteChord (music)Tonality

Question 8: In one scene, Herrmann "...uses the ________ playing a low pedal B-flat to create a sense of impending doom" as one character is arranging for another character's murder.

Question 9: The term comes from the organ for its ability to sustain a note indefinitely and the tendency for such notes to be played on an organ's ________.
Progressive rockPedal keyboardMoog TaurusPipe organ

Question 10: Rock guitarists have used pedal points in their solos, especially neoclassical guitarists such as ________.
G3 (tour)Mark BoalsYngwie MalmsteenJeff Scott Soto


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