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Peckham Boys: Quiz


Question 1:
What years was Peckham Boys active?
1990s to present
early 1990s? - present
1940s u2013 1990s
1990s, 2000s

Question 2: In September ________, police conducted dawn raids on suspected members of the Peckham Boys gang.

Question 3: The trouble reportedly flared between two rival gangs from Peckham and ________
Crystal Palace, LondonBrixtonVauxhallStreatham

Question 4: In 2006, the Peckham Boys were involved in a widely reported gang-war against the Ghetto Boys street gang based at the Pepys Estate and Woodpecker Estate in ________ and New Cross respectively, South London.

Question 5: During the conflict, police seized ________ and sub-machine guns.
FirearmSemi-automatic pistolHandgunBrowning Hi-Power

Question 6: In the conflict, one innocent man was shot dead in ________, mistaken as a Ghetto Boys member by the Peckham Boys.
DeptfordNew CrossBrockleyLewisham

Question 7: [2] A 16-year-old boy was stabbed opposite a bookmakers in ________.
DeptfordBrockleyNew CrossLewisham

Question 8: Shortly after the murder, another man was shot and stabbed in ________ by the same group, but survived.

Question 9: In late 2000, ________, 10, bled to death in a stairwell on the North Peckham Estate, after being stabbed in the leg on his way home from an after school club.
EnglandMurder of Damilola TaylorUnited KingdomLondon

Question 10: [1] Its members are primarily ________.
British African-Caribbean communityAfrican diasporaBlack BritishLondon


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