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Pechenegs: Quiz


Question 1: From the 9th century AD, the Pechenegs started an uneasy relationship with ________.
Kievan Rus'High Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesByzantine Empire

Question 2: The first is "a Turkish nation living around the country of the Rum", where Rum was the Turkish word for the Eastern Roman Empire or ________.
Byzantine EmpireCrusadesWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Iconoclasm

Question 3: 950, Patzinakia, the Pecheneg realm, stretched west as far as the Siret River (or even the Eastern ________), and was four days distant from "Tourkias" (i.e.
TransylvaniaRomaniaCluj-NapocaCarpathian Mountains

Question 4: Kashgari's second definition of Beçenek is "a branch of ________"; he subsequently described the Oghuz as being formed of 22 branches, of which the 19th branch was named Beçenek.
TurkeyOghuz TurksTurkish peopleTurkish language

Question 5: Levente conducted a brilliant campaign and invaded deep into Bulgaria, while the ________ entered Bulgaria from the south.
Byzantine EmpireByzantine armyByzantine navyTheme (Byzantine district)

Question 6: The Pechenegs were so successful that they drove out the Magyars remaining in Etelköz and the Pontic steppes, forcing them westward up the lower ________, Transdanubia and towards the Pannonian plain, where they later founded a Hungarian state.

Question 7: In 894, the ________ went to war against Byzantium.
First Bulgarian EmpireBulgarian literatureBulgarian Orthodox ChurchBulgarians

Question 8: Caught in a vice of Magyar and Byzantine forces, ________ realised he could not fight a war on two fronts, and quickly concluded an armistice with the Byzantine Empire.
Simeon I of BulgariaBoris I of BulgariaByzantine–Bulgarian WarsSamuel of Bulgaria

Question 9: An alliance of the Oghuz, Kimeks and ________ was also pressing the Pechenegs, but another group, the Samanids, defeated that alliance.
GöktürksUyghur peopleTurkic peoplesKarluks

Question 10: Whatever the truth of this, the Pechenegs emerge in the historical records only in the 8th and 9th centuries, inhabiting the region between the lower ________, the Don and the Ural Mountains.
Kuybyshev ReservoirVolga RiverSviyaga RiverSelizharovka River


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