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Question 1: Especially in harder ________, members of the community who had a poor harvest or suffered other hardships were taken care of by the rest of the community.
Precipitation (meteorology)RainMeteorologyClimate

Question 2: The field of peasant studies as such was rooted in the early work of scholars such as Florian Znaniecki and ________, and post-war studies of the Great Tradition and Little Tradition in work of Robert Redfield.
YunnanPeking UniversityBeijingFei Xiaotong

Question 3: A peasant is an ________ worker who subsists by working a small plot of ground.
AgricultureOrganic farmingIntensive farmingSustainable agriculture

Question 4: Many of these activist scholars looked back the Peasant Movement in India and the theories of revolution in China led by ________ starting in the 1920s.
Deng XiaopingZhou EnlaiChiang Kai-shekMao Zedong

Question 5: ________
Peasants' WarHundred Years' WarPopular revolt in late medieval EuropeByzantine Empire

Question 6: Pre-industrial societies have diminished with the advent of ________ and as such there are considerably fewer peasants to be found in rural areas throughout the world (as a proportion of the total world population).
International Monetary FundASEANGlobalizationWorld Trade Organization

Question 7: The relative position of Western European peasants was greatly improved after the ________ unsettled medieval Europe.
PandemicBlack Death migrationBlack DeathPlague (disease)

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