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Question 1:
Who played Lt. Anthony Fusco the movie Pearl Harbor?
Greg Zola
Ben Affleck
William Lee Scott
Cuba Gooding Jr.

Question 2: With the conclusion of the Civil War, the purchase of ________, the increased importance of the Pacific states, the projected trade with the Orient and the desire for a duty free market for Hawaiian staples, Hawaiian trade expanded.
WashingtonAlaskaUnited StatesNorthwestern United States

Question 3: After France agitated again in the 1849 invasion, King ________, under the influence of his American advisors, drew up a deed of cessation to the United States.
Kamehameha VKalākauaKamehameha IVKamehameha III

Question 4: The interest of the United States in the ________ followed its whaling and trading ships in the Pacific.
NiihauNihoaHawaiian IslandsKahoolawe

Question 5: On February 13, 1843, Lord George Paulet, of HMS Carysfort occupied the islands in an incident known as the ________.
Paulet Affair (1843)Thomas SquareWilliam Richards (Hawaii)Lord George Paulet

Question 6:
What role did Ben Affleck play in the movie Pearl Harbor?
Sgt. Earl Sistern
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Capt. Danny Walker
Capt. Rafe McCawley

Question 7: This action was later renounced by the United States and resulted in the sending of an envoy to King ________.
Kamehameha IIKamehameha IVKamehameha IKamehameha III

Question 8: The period from 1908-1919 was one of steady and continuous growth of the Naval Station, Pearl Harbor, with the exception of the discouraging collapse of the ________ in 1913.
United States NavySubmarineDrydockMaine

Question 9:
When was Pearl Harbor built?
1911 ; 1816
1872, 1911-1912

Question 10:
What role did William Lee Scott play in the movie Pearl Harbor?
Lt. Billy Thompson
Sgt. Earl Sistern
Petty Officer Doris Miller
Capt. Danny Walker


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