Pear: Quiz

Question 1:
What is the subfamilia of Pear?
Maloideae or Spiraeoideae

Question 2: Enclosed within its cellular flesh is the true fruit: five cartilaginous ________, known colloquially as the "core".
StamenFlowerGynoeciumFlowering plant

Question 3:
What divisio is Pear a part of?

Question 4:
What classis does Pear belong to?

Question 5: [8] Pears are low in ________ and benzoates and are therefore recommended in exclusion diets for allergy sufferers[9].
AspirinSalicylic acidCelecoxibIbuprofen

Question 6:
What genus does Pear belong to?

Question 7: The juice can also be used in jellies and ________, usually in combination with other fruits or berries.
Jell-OFruit preservesOrange (fruit)Fruit curd

Question 8: c A certain race of pears, with white down on the under surface of their leaves, is supposed to have originated from P. nivalis, and their fruit is chiefly used in France in the manufacture of perry (see also ________).
CiderAlcoholic beverageAbsintheWine

Question 9: Most pears are ________, but one or two species in southeast Asia are evergreen.
PlantAutumn leaf colorDeciduousLeaf

Question 10: It is also used for wood carving, and as a ________ to produce aromatic smoke for smoking meat or tobacco.
British thermal unitFirewoodCord (volume)Wood fuel

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