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Question 1: Peacock bass introduction in the Rosana Reservoir and upper Paraná River, both in ________, resulted in a 95 percent decline in native fish density and 80 percent decline in richness in only two years.
BrazilEast TimorPortugalMozambique

Question 2: A well known ________ and medical doctor began raising peacock bass in a small pond in his back yard for sale as aquarium fish.
AquascapingMarine aquariumCommunity aquariumFishkeeping

Question 3: They also inhabit the waters of ________, the Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Panama, Singapore, Venezuela and parts of the United States (Guam, Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the United States Virgin Islands).
Colombian armed conflict (1964–present)Quindío DepartmentColombiaValle del Cauca Department

Question 4: The ________ has never investigated the conservation status of any peacock bass species.
Endangered speciesInternational Union for Conservation of NatureExtinctionIUCN Red List

Question 5: Below is a complete list of the taxonomic, ________ for these cichlids along with four English common names.
Binomial nomenclatureTaxonomic rankFungusSpecies

Question 6: In addition, ________ techniques, including lures such as poppers and large streamers, are becoming increasingly popular for catching these cichlids.
Fly fishing tackleSpey castingFly tyingFly fishing

Question 7: [5]After initial increase in abundance, introduced peacock bass often deplete local prey and resort to ________.
CannibalismCannibalism (zoology)Sexual cannibalismSelf-cannibalism

Question 8: Peacock bass is the common name in English for a group of closely related species of tropical, freshwater fish of the genus Cichla, native to the ________ basin of South America.
Amazon RainforestBrazilPeruAmazon River

Question 9: Despite their name, these fish are not basses, but rather ________.

Question 10: There are many common names for these fish in ________, the country of their largest native region.
MozambiquePortugalBrazilEast Timor

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