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Peace Journalism: Quiz


Question 1: From the 20th century, a prominent example of sectarian journalism focused on peace was ________'s Catholic Worker.
Dorothy DayChristian anarchismAnarchismEmma Goldman

Question 2: In practice, peace journalism is a linguistic and action orientation that frames stories to encourage ________ analysis and a non-violent response.
ConflictProcess consultantOrganizational conflictConflict resolution

Question 3: A similar approach is found in Preventive journalism, which extends the principles to social, ________, environmental or institutional problems.
EconomyMercantilismEconomicsKeynesian economics

Question 4: Besides an element in the histories of pacifism and the social movement press, peace journalism is a set of ________ practices that emerged in the 1970s.
JournalismDefamationNew JournalismMedia bias

Question 5: Norwegian sociologist ________ proposed the idea of peace journalism for journalists to follow when covering war and conflict.
Johan GaltungPeace and conflict studiesCold WarFidel Castro

Question 6: Peace journalism aims to shed light on structural and ________ causes of violence, as they bear upon the lives of people in a conflict arena, as part of the explanation for violence.
FamilyCultureSlaveryHuman rights


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