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Peace: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Howard the movie Peace?
Craig Tsuyumine
Kurtwood Smith
Craig Johnson
Kurtwood Smith

Question 2: Pacifists in general reject theories of ________.
Just WarAristotlePlatoThomas Aquinas

Question 3:
Who played Drunk woman the movie Peace?
Nancy Lenehan
Barbara Stevens
Joanne Takahashi
Suanne Spoke

Question 4:
What role did Craig Johnson play in the movie Peace?
Young Man
Middle Aged Man

Question 5:
What role did Peace play in the movie Inu to arukeba: Chirori to Tamura?
Tamura/the dog
Miko Furukawa
Seitaro Itoh
Yauyuki Okamura

Question 6: Finding inner peace is often associated with traditions such as Buddhism and ________.
HinduismJainismIndian religionsAyyavazhi

Question 7:
What role did Tim Dougherty play in the movie Peace?
Young Man
Middle Aged Man

Question 8:
Who played Old Man the movie Peace?
Scott MacDonell
Kurtwood Smith
Birger Lovli
Bill Saito

Question 9:
Who played Paperboy the movie Peace?
Birger Lovli
Kurtwood Smith
Tim Dougherty
Bill Saito

Question 10:
What role did Anthony Winters play in the movie Peace?
Frank Sakai

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