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Pavlov's House: Quiz


Question 1: It gained its popular name from Sergeant Yakov Pavlov, who commanded the ________ that seized the building and defended it during the long battle.
Company (military unit)BattalionFireteamPlatoon

Question 2: It is reported that the building at the "9th January Square" was marked as a ________ in German maps.
FortificationCastleDefensive wallCity gate

Question 3: In September 1942, the house was attacked by the Germans, and a platoon of the Soviet ________ was ordered to seize and defend it.
13th Guards Rifle DivisionWorld War IIEastern Front (World War II)Operation Bagration

Question 4: The house was a four-story building in the center of Stalingrad, built parallel to the embankment of the river ________ and overseeing the "9th January Square", a large square named for Bloody Sunday.
Kuybyshev ReservoirSelizharovka RiverVolga RiverSviyaga River

Question 5: Pavlov was awarded the title ________ for his actions.
Hero of the Russian FederationHero of UkraineHero of the Soviet UnionVirtuti Militari

Question 6: Pavlov's House (Russian: дом Павловаdom Pavlova) became the name of a fortified apartment building during the ________ in 1942–1943.
Operation BarbarossaBattle of StalingradCase BlueEastern Front (World War II)

Question 7: Pavlov's House became a symbol of the stubborn resistance of the Soviet Union in the ________, and in the Great Patriotic War in general.
Battle of StalingradOperation BarbarossaEastern Front (World War II)Case Blue

Question 8: There is an attached memorial constructed from bricks picked up after the battle on the East side facing the ________.
Sviyaga RiverVolga RiverSelizharovka RiverKuybyshev Reservoir

Question 9: After several days, reinforcements and resupply arrived for Pavlov's men, bringing the unit up to a 25-man understrength platoon and equipping the defenders with machine guns, ________, and mortars.
Anti-tank warfareWz. 35 anti-tank rifleAnti-tank rifleM2 Browning machine gun


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