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Paul the Deacon: Quiz


Question 1: An ancestor named Leupichis entered Italy in the train of ________ and received lands at or near Forum Julii (Cividale del Friuli).
CharlemagneTheodoric the GreatAgilulfAlboin

Question 2: His literary attainments attracted the notice of Charlemagne, and Paul became a potent factor in the ________ renaissance.
Charles the SimpleCarolingian dynastyLouis the PiousLouis the Younger

Question 3: 791), a history of the bishops of Metz to 766, the first work of its kind north of the ________.
AlpsGeographyHimalayasJura Mountains

Question 4: His surname Diaconus, shows that he took orders as a ________; and some think he was a monk before the fall of the Lombard kingdom.
Stole (vestment)BishopDeaconPriest

Question 5: About 776 his brother Arichis had been carried as a prisoner to Francia, and when five years later the Frankish king visited ________, Paul successfully wrote to him on behalf of the captive.

Question 6: During an invasion the Avars swept off the five sons of this warrior into Pannonia, but one, his namesake, returned to ________ and restored the ruined fortunes of his house.

Question 7: Cognate with this work is Paul's Historia Romana, a continuation of the ________ of Eutropius.
MatinsBreviaryVespersCanonical hours

Question 8: "of Monte Cassino"), was a Benedictine monk and historian of the ________.
FranksSuebiLombardsGermanic peoples

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