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Paul of Tarsus: Quiz


Question 1: These views of Paul are paralleled by the views of ________.
New CovenantCircumcision controversy in early ChristianityAntinomianismBiblical law in Christianity

Question 2: [43] Paul taught that Christians are redeemed from the Law (see ________) and from sin by Jesus' death and resurrection.
Christianity and JudaismNew Covenant TheologyCovenant theologySupersessionism

Question 3:
What is Paul of Tarsus also known as?
Paul of Tarsus; Paul, Saint; Saul
Saint Henry, Henry of Finland, Henry of Uppsala, Henry of Sweden
Saint Dunstan; St Dunstan
St Mariu00E6 Ecclesiu00E2, William de; William of Saint Mere Eglise

Question 4: Around AD 50-52, Paul spent 18 months in ________.
GreeceCorinthAthensAncient Corinth

Question 5: Some postulate that the Last Supper was actually a Jewish ________ meal, known as a seder.
PassoverJewish holidayThe Nine DaysShabbat

Question 6: [6] He wrote that the faith of Christ was alone decisive in ________ for Jews and Gentiles alike, making the schism between the followers of Christ and mainstream Jews inevitable and permanent.

Question 7:
Where was Paul of Tarsus born?

Question 8: A ________ for historical information about Paul's life is the material found in his seven letters.
Secondary sourceSocial sciencesPrimary sourceHistoriography

Question 9:
Which of the following is a quote about/from Paul of Tarsus?
Especially when you don't know what it's for
11Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
that oils the ring that works the thing-ummy-bob
Dominion of Canada RepresentativennJacques Leclerc

Question 10: He is strongly critical both theologically and empirically of claims of moral or lineal superiority [2:16-26] of Jews while conversely strongly sustaining the notion of a special place for the ________.
Jewish ethnic divisionsIsraelitesKingdom of Israel (Samaria)Black Hebrew Israelites


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