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Question 1: Stamets is on the editorial board of The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, and is an advisor to the Program for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Medical School, ________.
Phoenix, ArizonaTucson, ArizonaMesa, ArizonaPima County, Arizona

Question 2: Having filed numerous ________ on the antiviral, pesticidal, and remediative properties of mushroom mycelia, his work has been called pioneering and visionary.
PatentPatent infringementPatent applicationSoftware patent

Question 3: Paul Stamets (born July 17, 1955) is an American mycologist, ________, and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal mushrooms.
ProofreadingAuthorEditingCopy (written)

Question 4: He is an advocate of the permaculture system of growing, and considers ________ a valuable but underutilized aspect of permaculture.
FungicultureFungusBoletus edulisMushroom

Question 5: He is also a leading researcher into the use of mushrooms in ________, processes he terms mycoremediation and mycofiltration.
Water pollutionPollutionBioremediationMarine pollution

Question 6: [3] A strong advocate of preserving ________, Stamets supports research into the role of mushrooms for ecological restoration.
EcosystemConservation biologyNatureBiodiversity

Question 7: He is active in researching the medicinal properties of mushrooms,[2] and is involved in two NIH-funded clinical studies on cancer and ________ treatments using mushrooms as adjunct therapies.
AIDSHIVHIV and AIDS misconceptionsSafe sex

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