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Paul Orndorff: Quiz


Question 1: On February 3, 2005, Orndorff was announced as one of the inductees for the Class of 2005 into the ________.
WWE Hall of FameRic FlairBret HartStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 2: ________
WWE Hall of FameWrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of FameRic FlairProfessional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum

Question 3: NWL Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with ________
Dory Funk, Jr.Hulk HoganTerry FunkBrian Blair

Question 4: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling / ________
Extreme Championship WrestlingWorld Wrestling EntertainmentAmerican Wrestling AssociationWorld Championship Wrestling

Question 5: [16] He solidified his babyface status by publicly firing manager ________ shortly afterwards.
Bobby HeenanRic FlairHulk HoganBret Hart

Question 6: PWI Match of the Year award in 1985 - with Roddy Piper, versus ________ and Mr. T at WrestleMania
Bret HartRic FlairHulk HoganStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 7: [7] Orndorff then teamed with former opponent Norvell Austin (who was calling himself “The Junkyard Dog" at the time, not to be mistaken for the more famous ________) to win the titles in late 1979.
Hulk HoganJunkyard DogBret HartTed DiBiase

Question 8: [11] In February 1986, Bobby Heenan used a match between Hulk Hogan and ________ as an opportunity to have King Kong Bundy attack Hogan, setting up their WrestleMania 2 match.
Stone Cold Steve AustinTito SantanaDon MuracoTerry Funk

Question 9:
What role did Paul Orndorff play in the TV series WrestleMania 2?
'Mr. Wonderful' Paul Orndorff
Randy 'Macho Man' Savage
Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine
Brutus Beefcake

Question 10: He wrestled Kengo Kimura, Riki Chōshū, and Akira Maeda, as well as teaming up with Ed Leslie against ________ and Seiji Sakaguchi.
Terry FunkAntonio InokiHarley RaceBret Hart

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