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Question 1: He became dissatisfied, however, and soon transferred to ________, where he met Felix Ehrenhaft, a physicist whose experiments would influence his later views on the nature of science.
Particle physicsPhysicsQuantum mechanicsUniverse

Question 2: Feyerabend moved to the University of California, Berkeley in ________ in 1958 and became a U.S.
CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos AngelesSacramento, California

Question 3: Feyerabend commented on the ________ as follows:
HeliocentrismGalileo affairNicolaus CopernicusGalileo Galilei

Question 4: After basic training in Pirmasens, Germany, he was assigned to a unit in Quelern en Bas, near Brest (________).
ItalyCanadaUnited KingdomFrance

Question 5: After that, Feyerabend returned to Vienna and was involved in various projects; a translation of Karl Popper's Open Society and its Enemies, a report on the development of the humanities in ________, and several articles for an encyclopedia.
Czech RepublicPolandAustriaHungary

Question 6: In his view, science would benefit most from a "dose" of theoretical ________.
AnarchismIndividualist anarchismHenry David ThoreauNoam Chomsky

Question 7: His life was a peripatetic one, as he lived at various times in ________, the United States, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, and finally Switzerland.
ScotlandUnited KingdomEnglandWales

Question 8: ________'s epistemological conceptions and notion of "epistemological break"
René DescartesPlatoGaston BachelardAristotle

Question 9: In his ________, he wrote that he hoped the war would be over by the time he had finished his education as an officer.
Persian languageJean-Jacques RousseauAutobiographyRhetoric

Question 10: Following (visiting) professorships (or their equivalent) at London, ________, and Yale, he taught at the University of Auckland, New Zealand in 1972 and 1974, always returning to California.


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