Paul Cadmus: Quiz

Question 1: In 1999 he died in his home in ________ due to advanced age, just five days short of his 95th birthday.
Bridgeport, ConnecticutWilton, ConnecticutNorwalk, ConnecticutWeston, Connecticut

Question 2: His works combined elements of eroticism and social critique to produce a style often called ________.
Latin AmericaLatin American BoomAlejo CarpentierMagic realism

Question 3: This painting, featuring carousing sailors, women, and a ________ couple, was the subject of a public outcry and was removed from exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery.
HomosexualitySexual orientationLesbianBisexuality

Question 4: He painted with egg tempera, a medium which had been associated with Greek ________.
Byzantine IconoclasmIconHagia SophiaByzantine Empire

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