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Question 1: The ________ are used as a motif representing the transition to the new century.
Osama bin LadenAl-QaedaSeptember 11 attacksUnited Airlines Flight 93

Question 2: Boone Chu – A Chinese-American living in Washington State, but raised in ________.

Question 3: He acquires and sells antique calculators to raise funds for an exhibition on ________ computers.
Jupiter AceZX80ZX SpectrumZX81

Question 4: The novel uses a ________ in the present tense with a somber tone reminiscent of a "low-level post-apocalypticism".
Exposition (literary technique)Literary techniqueShort storyNarrative mode

Question 5: He lives in ________ and describes himself as a "middle-aged white guy since 1967".
Blue Island, IllinoisElmhurst, IllinoisBurr Ridge, IllinoisChicago

Question 6: [25] Postmodern theorist ________ calls it "a kind of hyped-up name-dropping ...
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFredric JamesonFrankfurt SchoolMarxism

Question 7: Pattern Recognition at the ________
Box Office MojoAmazon.comCDNOWInternet Movie Database

Question 8: [7] Two ________ appear in the novel: gender-bait and mirror-world.
NeologismAcronym and initialismNonce wordEuphemism

Question 9: [18] Gibson's use of name-dropping brands to create a sense of "in-group style … of those in the know" is traced back to Thomas Pynchon's 1963 novel ________ .
V.Gravity's RainbowUnited StatesMason & Dixon

Question 10: He stopped writing after watching the ________ on television and "realized [the novel] had become a story that took place in an alternate time track, in which Sept.
Osama bin LadenSeptember 11 attacksAl-QaedaUnited Airlines Flight 93

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