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Question 1: The group was started in 2006 by an anonymous user known as "Mudkips Acronym" after a post on the website ________ asked whether or not Second Life "was raidable".
4chanAnonymous (group)ImageboardProject Chanology

Question 2: The Patriotic Nigras operate their own wiki based on the ________ engine where they store snippets of code, fully scripted weapons, the history of their group, and the personal information of their targets.
DokuWikiWikiWikiWebMediaWikiMindTouch Deki

Question 3: [2] The Patriotic Nigras have also caused the crashing of several Second Life regions or "simulators" by using ________ objects that overload the processing power of the computer running the simulator.
Self-replicationSelf-replicating machineClanking replicatorDNA

Question 4: [2] Second Life implements bans through ________, MAC address, special files downloaded into the Second Life cache from the server, and certain processor and other hardware information.
Classless Inter-Domain RoutingIP addressIPv4IPv6

Question 5: The Patriotic Nigras, (also known by the acronym "PN") are a group of griefers in the online world of ________.
Second LifeSecond Life GridLinden LabTeen Second Life

Question 6: While the PN are known mainly for the disruption of Second Life, they have also established themselves on the video sharing site ________, where they share videos of their activities.
Google searchGoogleGoogle VideosYouTube


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