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Patricia Cornwell: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following did Patricia Cornwell influence?
Sir William Hooker; Charles DarwinGeorge Bentham
William Wordsworth; Marcel Proust
William OslerEdwin KlebsWilliam H. Welch
William M. Bass,

Question 2: In 2000, he sent letters to Cornwell's publisher, started a web page, and placed stickers on copies of his novel alleging that Cornwell was committing ________.
Copyright infringementAcademic dishonestyMusical plagiarismPlagiarism

Question 3: In her interview with The Times, Cornwell used similar concepts to describe herself, saying that she was "wired differently", in a direct reference to her struggle with ________:[2]
Bipolar disorderSchizoaffective disorderManiaMajor depressive disorder

Question 4: Then, after an evening out with actress ________, who was visiting to discuss playing Scarpetta in a film, Cornwell crashed her Mercedes, was convicted of drunk driving and sentenced to 28 days in a treatment center.
More Demi MooreDemi MooreBruce WillisJoanne Gair

Question 5:
What is the nationality of Patricia Cornwell?
Mexican, American
Naturalised American

Question 6: She has been friends with the family of the Reverend Billy Graham since childhood, often serving as the family's unofficial spokesperson on ________' radio show.
Don ImusJohn McCainMSNBCUnited States presidential election, 2008

Question 7:

Question 8:
What role did Patricia Cornwell play in the movie The Front?
Monique Lamont

Question 9:
What is Patricia Cornwell also known as?
Pickett, Carroll L. "Bud"
Carroll, Pat
Daniels, Patricia Carroll
Cutts, Pat; Wayne, Patricia

Question 10:
What did Patricia Cornwell do for a living?
Writer, Lecturer
Novelist, 1990 - present
Glider pilot

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