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Question 1:
Who played Christine the movie Pathogen?
Alex Schroeder
Tiger Darrow
Tiger Darrow
Rose Kent-McGlew

Question 2:
What role did Rebecca Elliott play in the movie Pathogen?
Researcher Sue

Question 3:
Who played Dannie the movie Pathogen?
Alex Schroeder
Rose Kent-McGlew
Tiger Darrow
Rose Kent-McGlew

Question 4: ________ — the causative agent of most cases of tuberculosis
CorynebacteriumMycobacterium tuberculosisClostridium difficileMycobacterium leprae

Question 5: Prions are infectious pathogens that do not contain ________.
DNARNANucleic acidNucleic acid analogues

Question 6: In entomology, pathogens are one of the "Three P's" (predators, pathogens, and parasitoids) that serve as natural or introduced biological controls to suppress ________ pest populations.

Question 7: Yersinia pestispneumonic, septicemic, and the notorious bubonic plagues (aka "________")
Black Death migrationPandemicPlague (disease)Black Death

Question 8: One of the primary pathways by which food or water become contaminated is from the release of untreated sewage into a ________ supply or onto cropland, with the result that people who eat or drink contaminated sources become infected.
Drinking waterWater purificationMoroccoAzerbaijan

Question 9: Of particular note in modern times is HIV, which is known to have infected several million humans globally, along with the ________ virus.
Severe acute respiratory syndromeInfluenzaCommon coldViral pneumonia

Question 10: Some eukaryotic organisms, such as protists and ________, cause disease.
HookwormParasitic wormPinwormAscariasis


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