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Pathankot: Quiz


Question 1: Indore-Jammu Tawi Malwa Express, ________ Express (Sawraj Express),
Navi MumbaiMumbaiSalsette IslandNariman Point

Question 2: 60% of the population are Hindus, 32% are Sikhs, 8% are ________, 0.4% Muslim (Tribal and Sunni).
JesusChristianityCatholic ChurchChristian

Question 3: A ________ or mela, called Mukesran da mela is held there each year in the month of April to mark Baisakhi.
SpainMardi GrasMaltaCarnival

Question 4: Pathankot is also connected by a vast network of private and public-sector bus services to other cities in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, ________, Jammu and Kashmir.
HaryanaUttar PradeshPanchkulaPunjab (India)

Question 5: In Pathankot, Punjabi, ________, Dogri, are spoken .
PaliSanskritHindustani languageHindi

Question 6: It is a meeting point of the three northern states of Punjab, ________ and Jammu and Kashmir.
Himachal PradeshShimlaShimla districtWest Bengal

Question 7: According to a legend, the ________ stayed in those caves for a night during their "Agayatwas".

Question 8: It has an average elevation of 332 ________ (1089 feet).
100 megametres10 megametres1 decametreMetre

Question 9: It has direct train links with Delhi, Jammu, ________, Jabalpur, Mumbai, Indore and other Indian cities.
Hyderabad, IndiaChandigarhLucknowAmritsar

Question 10: As of 2001 India ________, Pathankot had a population of 159,559.


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