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Question 1: In one response to these criticisms, one review concluded that less than 5 percent of medicines on the ________'s list of essential drugs are under patent.
World Health OrganizationUniversal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture OrganizationSwitzerland

Question 2: If ________ did not have the legal protection of patents, in many cases, they would prefer or tend to keep their inventions secret.
English inventions and discoveriesFrench inventions and discoveriesInventionDutch inventions and discoveries

Question 3: Directory of Intellectual Property Offices, maintained by ________ (WIPO)
World Intellectual Property OrganizationAustraliaWorld Trade OrganizationEast Timor

Question 4: For other uses of the term patent see notably ________, which were land grants by early state governments in the USA, and printing patent, a precursor of modern copyright.
Land patentDeedUnited StatesHawaii

Question 5: Like any other property right, it may be sold, licensed, ________, assigned or transferred, given away, or simply abandoned.
LienReal estateConveyancingMortgage

Question 6: [26] Since the ________ entered into force on May 1, 2008, this estimation is however no longer up-to-date, since fewer translations are required.
European Patent ConventionEPC 2000Grant procedure before the European Patent OfficeLondon Agreement (2000)

Question 7: (In many jurisdictions the scope of the patent may not be limited to what is literally stated in the claims, for example due to the "________").
Doctrine of equivalentsEuropean Patent ConventionClaim (patent)Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property

Question 8: Useful links, "Your guide to intellectual property information and services on the internet.", maintained by the ________
European Patent OfficeEuropean Patent ConventionEuropean Patent OrganisationGrant procedure before the European Patent Office

Question 9: There is a trend towards global harmonization of patent laws, with the ________ (WTO) being particularly active in this area.
World Trade Organization accession and membershipUnited StatesWorld Trade OrganizationEuropean Union

Question 10: A holding company, pejoratively known as a "________", owns a portfolio of patents, and sues others for infringement of these patents while doing little to develop the technology itself.
Research In MotionIntel CorporationPatentabilityPatent troll

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