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Question 1: Today, with almost universal ________ access, end-users must download most patches from the developer's web site.
InternetE-mailInternet Relay ChatWorld Wide Web

Question 2: In several Unix-like systems, particularly ________, updates between releases are delivered as new software packages.
SCO-Linux controversiesOpenSolarisLinuxGNU

Question 3: [citation needed] ________ can offer various degrees of patch automation.
LinuxRPM Package ManagerLinux distributionPackage management system

Question 4: The FAQ on the project's official site states that the name 'Apache' was chosen from respect for the Native American Indian tribe of ________.
ApacheNew MexicoPhoenix, ArizonaArizona

Question 5: Because ________ authors withhold their source code, their patches are distributed as binary executables instead of source.
Proprietary softwareFree softwareLinuxOpen-source software

Question 6: Historically, software suppliers distributed patches on ________ or on punched cards, expecting the recipient to cut out the indicated part of the original tape (or deck), and patch in (hence the name) the replacement segment.
Piano rollPunched tapeTicker tapePaper data storage

Question 7: These types of patches commonly come out of ________ projects.
Open sourceLinuxOpen-source softwareFree software

Question 8: The maintenance of server software and of ________ often takes place in this manner.
LinuxUnixOperating systemMac OS X

Question 9: Some programs can update themselves via the ________ with very little or no intervention on the part of users.
Internet Relay ChatInternetWorld Wide WebE-mail

Question 10: A patch is a piece of software designed to fix problems[1] with, or update a ________ or its supporting data.
Computer softwareProgramming languageProgramming paradigmComputer program

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