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Pastry (DHT): Quiz


Question 1: Once the topic has been created, the owner of the topic can publish new entries under the topic which will be distributed in a ________ tree to all of the SCRIBE nodes that have subscribed to the topic.
Content delivery networkIP multicastMulticastIPTV

Question 2: Pastry is an overlay and routing network for the implementation of a ________ similar to Chord.
FreenetPeer-to-peerBitTorrent (protocol)Distributed hash table

Question 3: This allows Pastry to realize the ________ and fault tolerance of other networks, while reducing the overall cost of routing a packet from one node to another by avoiding the need to flood packets.
Cluster (computing)ScalabilityParallel computingDistributed computing

Question 4: The key-value pairs are stored in a redundant peer-to-peer network of connected ________ hosts.
World Wide WebE-mailInternet Relay ChatInternet

Question 5: The protocol is bootstrapped by supplying it with the ________ of a peer already in the network and from then on the routing table is dynamically built and repaired.
IPv4IP addressClassless Inter-Domain RoutingIPv6


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