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Pastoral epistles: Quiz


Question 1: ________ made extensive use of the two epistles to Timothy as the prime force of his anti-gnostic campaign, ca 170 AD.
Eucharistic theologies contrastedIrenaeusJeromeJustin Martyr

Question 2: It is 'highly probable that 1 and 2 Timothy were known and used by Polycarp, and quite likely that [ Titus was] known and used by ________'[9].
VulgateDidacheEpistles of ClementCatholic Church

Question 3: ________ wrote in Horae Paulinae (1785),
David HumeTeleological argumentNatural theologyWilliam Paley

Question 4: Harrison's "The Problem of the Pastoral Epistle" was the first attempt to disprove Pauline authorship via counting ________ or other vocabulary measures.
LilithHebrew languageHapax legomenonDivine Comedy

Question 5: The three pastoral epistles are books of the canonical New Testament: the First Epistle to Timothy (1 Timothy) the Second Epistle to Timothy (2 Timothy), and the ________.
Epistle to the EphesiansSecond Epistle to the ThessaloniansEpistle to TitusFirst Epistle to the Thessalonians

Question 6: Among the ________, 'a strong case can be made for Ignatius' use of ...
IrenaeusJeromeEarly ChristianityApostolic Fathers

Question 7: It was probably written about the same time as the ________, with which it has many affinities."
Epistle to the EphesiansPastoral epistlesNew TestamentFirst Epistle to Timothy

Question 8: This short letter is addressed to Titus, a Christian worker in ________, and is traditionally divided into three chapters.

Question 9: They are presented as letters from ________ to Timothy and to Titus.
Chronology of JesusPaul of TarsusJohn the ApostleSaint Peter


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