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Question 1: ________'s 1699-1779 pastel portraiture and still life paintings are much admired.
Jean-Baptiste-Siméon ChardinLe BénédicitéHenri MatisseSelf-portrait

Question 2: Pastel paintings, being made with a medium that has the highest pigment concentration of all, reflect light without darkening ________, allowing for very saturated colors.
RefractionMetamaterialOpticsRefractive index

Question 3: The Pastel Society was founded in 1898 in the UK; founding members and early exhibitors included Brangwyn, Degas, Rodin, Rothenstein, Whistler and ________.
PrinsepGeorge Frederic WattsJulia Margaret CameronAestheticism

Question 4: ________ Sleepy Baby 1910
Edgar DegasPierre-Auguste RenoirMary CassattImpressionism

Question 5: The 19th-century French painter ________ was a most prolific user of pastel and its champion.
Claude MonetEdgar DegasImpressionismPierre-Auguste Renoir

Question 6: Often a chalk or ________ component is present.
United StatesHaliteGypsumAnhydrite

Question 7: Pastel is an art medium in the form of a stick, consisting of pure powdered ________ and a binder.

Question 8: Dry pastels have historically used binders such as ________, gum tragacanth.
NigeriaMauritaniaGum arabicNiger

Question 9: ________ was introduced as a binder in the twentieth century.
Carboxymethyl celluloseHypromelloseMethyl celluloseGlucose

Question 10: ________, introduced the Impressionists and pastel to her friends in Philadelphia and Washington, and helped popularize both in the USA.
Mary CassattEdgar DegasPierre-Auguste RenoirImpressionism


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