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Pascagoula, Mississippi: Quiz


Question 1: Most Pascagoula residents did not possess flood ________, and many were required to put their homes on pilings before being given a permit to rebuild.
InsuranceMarine insuranceLife insuranceWorkers' compensation

Question 2: Most homes along Beach Boulevard were destroyed, and ________ are now an omnipresent sight.
New OrleansFEMA trailerHurricane KatrinaHurricane Rita

Question 3: About 18.1% of families and 20.7% of the population were below the ________, including 31.4% of those under age 18 and 13.0% of those age 65 or over.
Poverty thresholdBhutanBasic needsCanada

Question 4: There are few details that are certain about these peoples, except that their language seemed not to have shared an etymological root with the larger native groups to the north, the ________ particularly.
ChoctawChickasawCherokeeMuscogee (Creek)

Question 5: The region changed hands over the next century, being occupied variously by the English, French, and Spanish until well after the ________.
United StatesAmerican Revolutionary WarSaratoga campaignNew York and New Jersey campaign

Question 6: It did not come into the permanent possession of the United States until 1812, when it was added to the ________.
Jackson, MississippiMississippi TerritoryPascagoula, MississippiTennessee Valley

Question 7: Instead, their language seems more akin to that of the Biloxi or Natchez people, both of whom have been linked in this way to the Sioux, Crow, and ________.
Ho-ChunkMeskwakiPecatonica RiverPotawatomi

Question 8: Local legend says the Pascagoula tribe chanted and waded hand-in-hand into the Pascagoula River, drowning together rather than become enslaved to an enemy tribe, the ________.
Biloxi, MississippiMeridian, MississippiGulfport, MississippiJackson, Mississippi

Question 9: Pascagoula is a city in Jackson County, ________, United States.
FloridaAlabamaMississippiGeorgia (U.S. state)

Question 10: As of the ________[3] of 2000, there were 26,200 people, 9,878 households, and 6,726 families residing in the city.


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