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Question 1: Prior to the 20th century, this language border did not merely distinguish speakers of ________, standard Dutch and standard German, as today, but between Romance and a Germanic dialect continua.
Acadian FrenchQuebec FrenchFrench languageBelgian French

Question 2: [17] To this end, the parts of the provinces of Liège, of Limburg and of Namur east of the Meuse river as well as the cities of Maastricht and Liège and the ________ would go to Prussia.

Question 3: Part of the province of ________, nearly all of the province of Brabant, the province of Hainaut and the province of Namur west of the Meuse would be assigned to France.
Sint-NiklaasAalst, BelgiumOudenaardeEast Flanders

Question 4: Their approach is to build strong links between the different components of the French-speaking part of Belgium, including Brussels and Wallonnia as well as the municipalities with a French-speaking presence around Brussels and in ________.

Question 5: Since the founding of the ________ in 1830, Brussels has transformed from being almost entirely Dutch-speaking, to being a multilingual city with French as the majority language and lingua franca.
SpainUnited KingdomBelgiumDenmark

Question 6: [18] Wallonia and Flanders were unified as one state under a German prince, Leopold I of ________.
Saxe-Weimar-EisenachSaxe-AltenburgSaxe-Coburg and GothaSaxe-Meiningen

Question 7: Asked to sing the Belgian national anthem in French at National Day celebrations, Leterme instead started to sing ________, France's anthem.
Nunarput utoqqarsuanngoravitGod Save the QueenLa MarseillaiseDeutschlandlied

Question 8: The largest components of this union were the Duchy of Brabant, the ________, the County of Hainaut and the Duchy of Luxembourg.
BesançonCounty of FlandersSeventeen ProvincesAntwerp

Question 9: West Flanders, most of East Flanders, including Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, and the city of ________ were to form the Free State of Antwerp, under British protection.

Question 10: To fulfill this solution in practice, Brussels would probably need to be an independent ________ which could join the EU on equal footing with other EU member states.
ItalyMalaysiaCity-stateVatican City


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