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Question 1: ________ (Mosby's Rangers)
Loudoun County in the American Civil War43rd Battalion Virginia CavalryThe Burning RaidLoudoun Rangers

Question 2: In that war, ________ Partisan leaders, such as John S. Mosby, operated along the lines described by Von Ewald (and later by both Jomini and Clausewitz).
Union ArmyAmerican Civil WarConfederate States ArmyChattanooga Campaign

Question 3: There were even partisan ________ that were raising crops and livestock to produce food for the partisans.
Soviet UnionArmeniaPost-Soviet statesKolkhoz

Question 4: The communist ________ were a leading force in the liberation of their country during the People's Liberation War of Yugoslavia.
Josip Broz TitoSerbiaChetniksYugoslav Partisans

Question 5: A partisan is a member of an ________ force formed to oppose control of an area by a foreign power or by an army of occupation.
Asymmetric warfareSpecial Activities DivisionGuerrilla warfareIrregular military

Question 6: Partisans in the mid-19th century were substantially different from raiding ________, or from unorganized/semi-organized guerrilla forces.

Question 7: It was this concept of partisan warfare that would later form the basis of the "Partisan Rangers" of the ________.
TennesseeAmerican Civil WarUnited StatesBleeding Kansas

Question 8: The term can apply to the field element of resistance movements that opposed German rule in several countries during World War II (most notably, ________).
Soviet partisansBelarusian partisansResistance during World War IIEastern Front (World War II)

Question 9: In essence, 19th century American partisans were closer to ________ or Ranger forces raised during World War II than the "partisan" forces operating in occupied Europe.
GSG 9British CommandosCommandoSpecial forces


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