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Parties in the European Council: Quiz


Question 1: The list below gives the political party that each head of government, or ________, belongs to at the national level, as well as the European political alliance to which that national party belongs.
MonarchUnited KingdomMonarchyHead of state

Question 2: The last changes to the list of leaders was on 25 November 2009, when Yves Leterme became the Prime Minister of ________.
United KingdomBelgiumDenmarkSpain

Question 3: This article describes the party affiliations of the leaders of each member-state represented in the ________.
European CouncilProdi CommissionEuropean ParliamentBarroso Commission

Question 4: More populous states have greater influence in the council, in accordance with the system of ________.
Voting in the Council of the European UnionTreaty of LisbonCouncil of the European UnionEuropean Union


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