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Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas-1930: Quiz


Question 1: By the end of ________ the armed struggle was effectively over, although it took a few more years to die out, after which the PKP pursued a course of peaceful (legal and illegal) action.

Question 2: In late 1932, a legal ________ party, the Socialist Party, was created.
MarxismDialectical materialismDialecticKarl Marx

Question 3: In ________ the PKP was legalized again, under the commonwealth in response to the growing threat of fascism in Germany and militarist Japan.

Question 4: In early ________, the PKP created the People's Liberation Army (Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan) which was made up of about 10,000 soldiers.

Question 5: In ________, the PKP began an armed struggle against the government.

Question 6: Under PKP leadership, the Hukbalahap (People's Army against Japan) was created in ________.

Question 7: The Congress of Labor Organizations was created in July ________ under PKP management.

Question 8: The PKP participated in a Popular Front for municipal elections in ________, which did well on the island of Luzon, where six communist mayors were elected.

Question 9: The old leadership and its followers was pro-Soviet, while the other, mostly younger faction was oriented towards ________.
MarxismRevolutionary Internationalist MovementMaoismMao Zedong

Question 10: The party was established on November 7, 1930 (the anniversary of the ________).
Vladimir LeninRussian Civil WarOctober RevolutionRussian Provisional Government


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