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Partido: Quiz


Question 1: The judge or alcalde (from ________ al-qadi ( قاضي,), meaning "the judge") had the mission to maintain the law and order in the surrounding rural area of Buenos Aires, fighting against cattle raiders.
Egyptian ArabicAncient North ArabianArabic languageModern Standard Arabic

Question 2: A partido is an administrative subdivision of the province of Buenos Aires, ________.

Question 3: Since 1890 the head of the government is called Intendente or ________ and it is directly elected by the citizens.

Question 4: They are formally considered to be a single ________, and usually contain one or more population centers (ie.
Local administrative unitTownshipProvinceMunicipality

Question 5: The alcalde was helped by a constabulary called Santa Hermandad (in English, Holy Brotherhood) created in the late XV century by the ________ and transplanted to the colonies.
Al-AndalusCatholic MonarchsHabsburg SpainSpain

Question 6: These are distinct from all other provinces of Argentina, which call their first-level subdivisions departamento (see ________), and are further subdivided into distinct municipalities.
Departments of ArgentinaArgentine legislative election, 2005Argentine Chamber of DeputiesPresident of Argentina

Question 7: It was appointed by the Governor from a list of three candidates presented by the Municipales or ________, who were elected by the citizens of the different partidos.
ProfessorDoctor (title)JudgeCouncillor

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