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Question 1: The passive participles in certain dialects can be used as a sort of ________, but more often than not, are used in their various lexicalized senses as adjectives or nouns.
Grammatical caseClusivityAnimacyVoice (grammar)

Question 2: forming the ________: Jim was sleeping.
FrequentativeGrammatical aspectContinuous and progressive aspectsInchoative verb

Question 3: Also many ________ make such a distinction, see for details e.g.
Mayan languagesHaida languageAltaic languagesEskimo-Aleut languages

Question 4: Their uses vary across ________.
Egyptian ArabicArabic languageModern Standard ArabicVarieties of Arabic

Question 5: In linguistics, a participle (adjective participial, from Latin participium, a ________ of Greek μετοχη "partaking") can be a verb or an adjective (participial phrase).
German languageCalqueChinese languageLoanword

Question 6: Participles often share properties with other parts of speech, in particular ________ and nouns.
VerbPreposition and postpositionAdjectiveAdverb

Question 7: called variously the past, passive, or perfect participle, it is usually identical to the verb's ________ (past tense) form, though in irregular verbs the two usually differ.
German languageGrammatical aspectPreteriteSpanish language

Question 8: Among Indo-European languages, the ________ is unique for having thirteen different participial forms of the verb, that can be grouped into five when accounting for inflection by tense.
Lithuanian languagePolish languageLatvian languageGerman language

Question 9: See причастие and деепричастие in Russian grammar, határozói igenév and melléknévi igenév in ________, or imiesłów in Polish grammar.
Vowel harmonyHungarian languageHungarian grammarOld Hungarian script

Question 10: In ________, various forms were used in different regions: -ende (SW, SE, Midlands), -inde (SW, SE), -and (N), -inge (SE).
Middle EnglishOld NorseOld EnglishGreat Vowel Shift


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