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Parthian Empire: Quiz


Question 1:
What type of government does Parthian Empire have?

Question 2:
What is the native name for Parthian Empire
Chengalam South
Bloc identitaire

Question 3:
What is the currency of Parthian Empire?

Question 4:
What religion does Parthian Empire adhere to?
Roman Catholic
Syncretic Helleno-Zoroastrianism
Baptized Methodist

Question 5: The Arsacids were contemporaries of the ________, and conquered much of its territories; unlike the successors of Alexander the Great, they were an indigenous Iranian dynasty - although Seleucus I had married an Iranian princess.
Ptolemaic KingdomSeleucus I NicatorGreco-Bactrian KingdomSeleucid Empire

Question 6:
What is the capital of Parthian Empire?

Question 7:
What region does Parthian Empire belong to?
Tarim Basin in Central Asia
Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia
Middle East, Central Asia, and Western Asia
North Africa and Southwest Asia

Question 8:
What is Parthian Empire's current status?
Autonomous pashalik of the Ottoman Empire
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Client state of the French Empire

Question 9:
Where does Parthian Empire come from?
United States
Czech Republic

Question 10: In 209 BC, by which time Arsaces I had died and control had passed to Arsaces II, the Seleucids under ________ attempted to recapture Parthia again.
Alexander the GreatSeleucus I NicatorAntiochus III the GreatSeleucid Empire


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