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Question 1: The metopes present surviving traces of the ________ in the anatomy of the figures' heads, in the limitation of the corporal movements to the contours and not to the muscles, and in the presence of pronounced veins in the figures of the Centauromachy.
Severe styleArchaic GreeceKritios BoyParthenon

Question 2: [39] According to Thucydides, ________ once referred to the statue as a gold reserve, stressing that it "contained forty talents of pure gold and it was all removable".

Question 3: According to ________, Zeus gave birth to Athena after a terrible headache prompted him to summon Hephaestus' (the god of fire and the forge) assistance.
HeraMuseApolloGreek mythology

Question 4: [43] In 1018, the emperor ________ went on a pilgrimage to Athens directly after his final victory over the Bulgarians for the sole purpose of worshipping at the Parthenon.
Nikephoros IIBasil IIJohn I TzimiskesMichael III

Question 5:

Question 6: The funds were partly drawn from the treasury of the Delian League, which was moved from the Panhellenic sanctuary at ________ to the Acropolis in 454 BC.

Question 7: The east pediment narrates the birth of ________ from the head of her father, Zeus.
Greek mythologyAthenaGreeceDemeter

Question 8:
Where is Parthenon?

Question 9: [51] The project later attracted funding and technical assistance from the ________.
GermanyEuropean ParliamentEuropean UnionDenmark

Question 10: This interpretation postulates that the scenes depict the sacrifice of Pandora, youngest daughter of ________, to Athena.
PoseidonErechtheusGreek mythologyOrithyia


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