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Question 1: Although little known in Britain and the ________, root parsley is very common in Central and Eastern European cuisine, used in soups and stews.
AlaskaCanadaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 2: Freshly chopped green parsley is used as a topping for soups like chicken soup, green salads or salads like ________, on open sandwiches with cold cuts or pâtés.
Russian saladMayonnaiseRussiaRussian cuisine

Question 3:
What genus does Parsley belong to?

Question 4: Parsley is used for its leaf in much the same way as ________ (which is also known as Chinese parsley or cilantro), although parsley has a milder flavor.

Question 5: Parsley's ________ is notoriously difficult to achieve.
Flowering plantSeedGerminationPlant

Question 6: Furanocoumarins in parsley's ________ may be responsible for parsley's problematic germination.
PlantSeedFlowering plantFruit

Question 7: In Southern and Central Europe, parsley is part of bouquet garni, a bundle of fresh herbs used to flavor stocks, soups, and ________.
SauceJapanese cuisineSaladDip (food)

Question 8: Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is a bright ________ biennial herb, often used as spice.
Orange (colour)GreenBlueRed

Question 9: Parsley seeds contain a high level of oil and are a ________.
Beta blockerAntihypertensive drugCalcium channel blockerDiuretic

Question 10: Parsley is a key ingredient in several West Asian salads, e.g., tabbouleh (the national dish of ________, also called terchots by Armenians from Van, historic Armenia).

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