Parrot: Quiz

Question 1:
What period does the fossils of the Parrot come from?
Early Eocene u2013 Recent
Thanetian to Present
Carboniferous - L Permian
Early Pleistocene to Recent

Question 2: Several fairly complete skeletons of parrot-like birds have been found in ________ and Germany.
United KingdomScotlandWalesEngland

Question 3: [38] Many parrot species are still threatened by this trade as well as ________, predation by introduced species, and hunting for food or feathers.
World populationOverpopulationHabitat destructionFood security

Question 4:
What classis does Parrot belong to?

Question 5: Trapping of wild parrots for the pet trade, as well as other hunting, ________ and competition from invasive species, have diminished wild populations, and parrots have been subjected to more exploitation than any other group of birds.
OverpopulationHabitat destructionWorld populationFood security

Question 6:
What phylum does Parrot belong to?

Question 7: Some Caribbean and Pacific islands are home to ________.

Question 8: Europeans kept birds matching the description of the Rose-ringed Parakeet (or called the ring-necked parrot), such as in this first century account by ________.
CastraRoman EmpireRoman NavyPliny the Elder

Question 9: In ancient times and currently parrot ________ have been used in ceremonies, and for decoration.
ArchaeopteryxFeatherBirdFlight feather

Question 10: The United States protects its only native parrot through its ________, and protects other nations' birds through its Wild Bird Conservation Act.
George W. BushEndangered Species ActBald EagleBill Clinton

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