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Parliamentary system: Quiz


Question 1: In addition to quicker legislative action, Parliamentarianism has attractive features for nations that are ________, racially, or ideologically divided.
South Asian ethnic groupsIndigenous peoplesMoresEthnic group

Question 2: There also exists a Hybrid Model, the semi-presidential system, drawing on both presidential systems and parliamentary systems, for example the ________.
Dominique de VillepinJacques ChiracFrench Fifth RepublicCharles de Gaulle

Question 3: This style of two houses is called ________.
United States SenateBicameralismAustralian SenateUpper house

Question 4: Parliamentary systems are characterized by no clear-cut separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches, leading to a different set of ________ compared to those found in presidential systems.
ConstitutionUnited KingdomSeparation of powers under the United States ConstitutionSeparation of powers

Question 5: However, parliamentary systems in continental Europe do use ________, and tend to produce election results in which no single party has a majority of seats.
D'Hondt methodUnited StatesCyprusProportional representation

Question 6: Western European parliamentary model (e.g., Spain, ________) tend to have a more consensual debating system, and usually have semi-cyclical debating chambers.

Question 7: ________ is considered one the purest examples of a consensus system.

Question 8: The Westminster system, is usually found in ________ countries, although it is not universal within nor exclusive to Commonwealth countries.
Commonwealth realmCommonwealth of NationsCommonwealth GamesUnited Kingdom

Question 9: The ________ is elected using instant-runoff voting while the Senate is elected using proportional representation through single transferable vote.
Australian federal election, 2004State-by-state lower house results for the 2007 Australian federal electionAustralian House of RepresentativesAustralian federal election, 2007

Question 10: This model is sometimes called the West German Model since its earliest exemplar in its final form was in the ________ of West Germany (which became the Bundestag of Germany upon the absorption of the GDR by the FRG).
FolketingRiigikoguBundestagNational Assembly for Wales


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