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Question 1: ________
United Kingdom legislationList of Acts of the Parliament of Scotland to 1707List of Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, 1980–1999List of Acts of the Scottish Parliament from 1999

Question 2: ________, by David Lyndsay
A Looking Glass for LondonHorestesAne Pleasant Satyre of the Thrie EstaitisElckerlijc

Question 3: Alastair Mann, Scottish Parliament Project, ________).
University of CambridgeUniversity of St AndrewsUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Glasgow

Question 4: In addition to Edinburgh, meetings were held in Perth, Stirling, St Andrews, Dundee, Linlithgow, Dunfermline, Glasgow, ________, Inverness and Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Question 5: During the 17th century, after the ________, a fifth estate of royal office holders (see Lord High Commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland) has also been identified.
United KingdomUnion of the CrownsAct of Union 1800Acts of Union 1707

Question 6: The Parliament of Scotland, officially the Estates of Parliament, was the legislature of the ________.
Scotland in the High Middle AgesKingdom of ScotlandHistory of ScotlandScottish independence

Question 7: The Covenanting regime fell in 1651 after Scotland was invaded by ________ whose Protectorate government imposed a brief Anglo-Scottish parliamentary union in 1657.
English Civil WarOliver CromwellCnut the GreatAlfred the Great

Question 8: From the 16th century, the second estate was reorganised by the selection of ________: this has been argued to have created a fourth estate.
New YorkUnited StatesCommissionerCanada

Question 9: The disputes over the English ________, the Scottish Act of Security, and the English Alien Act 1705 showed that both sides were prepared to take considered yet considerable risks in their relationships.
Statute of Westminster 1931Constitutional Act of 1791Canada Act 1982Act of Settlement 1701

Question 10: After the Restoration, the Lord Chancellor was made ex-officio president of the parliament (now reflected in the ________ by the election of a presiding officer), his functions including the formulation of questions and putting them to the vote.
Scottish GovernmentScottish independenceScotlandScottish Parliament


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