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Question 1: The National government of ________ proposed the establishment of an elected Senate when it came to power in 1990, thereby reinstating a bicameral system, and a Senate Bill was drafted.
Robert MuldoonKeith HolyoakeJim BolgerJenny Shipley

Question 2: The upper house, the Legislative Council, was abolished in 1951 so the legislature is now ________.
United KingdomParliamentUnited StatesUnicameralism

Question 3: The Parliament was established by the British New Zealand Constitution Act 1852 which established a ________ legislature.
Australian SenateUnited States SenateUpper houseBicameralism

Question 4: The Parliament of New Zealand consists of the Queen of New Zealand and the ________ and, until 1951, the New Zealand Legislative Council.
New Zealand electoratesNew Zealand general election, 2008New Zealand House of Representatives49th New Zealand Parliament

Question 5: Parliament is physically located in ________, the capital city of New Zealand since 1865.

Question 6: The New Zealand Parliament's model for passing ________ is similar (but not identical) to that of other Westminster System governments.
Act of ParliamentCommon lawLawLegal systems of the world

Question 7: The form of New Zealand government essentially follows the ________, and the government is led by the Prime Minister and cabinet who are chosen from amongst the members of the House of Representatives.
Commonwealth realmWestminster systemSri LankaParliamentary system

Question 8: For example, the ________ is a normal piece of legislation, it is not superior law as written constitutions are in some other countries.
Freedom of speechNew Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990Constitution of New ZealandInternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Question 9: MPs are directly elected by ________.
Universal suffrageSlaveryRacismWomen's suffrage

Question 10: They become Acts after being approved three times by Parliamentary votes and then receiving ________ from the Governor-General.
Reserve powerSpainRoyal AssentUnited Kingdom


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