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Question 1: Representatives of States are elected by the elected members of the Legislative Assembly of the State in accordance with system of ________ by means of single transferable vote.
D'Hondt methodUnited StatesCyprusProportional representation

Question 2:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Parliament of India?

Question 3:
What is the native name for Parliament of India
Ksiu0119stwo Inflanckie

Question 4: 31 from Uttar Pradesh and one from ________).

Question 5: The Parliament House (Sansad Bhavan) is a circular building designed by the British architects Sir ________ and Sir Herbert Baker in 1912–1913.
Rashtrapati BhavanLondonDelhiEdwin Lutyens

Question 6: The number of members from a state depends on the ________ of the state (e.g.
Population growthWorld populationPopulationOverpopulation

Question 7: Up to 530 members can be elected from the states, up to 20 members from the Union territories and no more than two members from the ________ community can be nominated by the President of India if the president feels that the Anglo-Indian community is not adequately represented.
Anglo-IndianBritish AsianBritish IndianIndo-Canadians

Question 8: It consists of the office of ________ and two Chambers, the House of Commons, known as the Lok Sabha and the Council of States, known as the Rajya Sabha.
Political integration of IndiaPresident of IndiaAdministrative divisions of IndiaIndex of India-related articles

Question 9: The Rajya Sabha is also known as "Council of States" or the ________.
Australian SenateBicameralismUpper houseAbolished upper house

Question 10: The composition is specified in Article 80 of the ________.
Government of IndiaConstitution of IndiaAdministrative divisions of IndiaPolitical integration of India


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