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Question 1:
What is the native name for Parliament of Canada
District de Saint-Maurice
Parlement du Canada

Question 2:

Question 3: Following the surrender of New France to the United Kingdom in the ________, Canada was governed according to the Royal Proclamation issued by King George III in that same year.
Seven Years' WarFrench and Indian WarWest FloridaTreaty of Paris (1763)

Question 4: The new parliamentary session is marked by the State Opening of Parliament, during which either the monarch, the governor general, or a royal delegate,[n 1] reads the ________.
Commonwealth realmSpeech from the throneJapanUnited Kingdom

Question 5:

Question 6: The constitution establishes the ________ to be 15 senators in the upper house and 20 members in the lower house, the Speaker of each body being counted within the tally.
CommitteeParliamentary procedureCensureQuorum

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  King George VI, with Queen Elizabeth, grants Royal Assent to bills in the Senate chamber, 1939.
  Kevin S. MacLeod, the Usher of the Black Rod since 2008
  Prime Minister John Diefenbaker facing the House of Commons in Question Period, 14 October 1957.
  Kevin S. MacLeod, the Usher of the Black Rod since 2008

Question 8: Executive Councils
Politics of the Canadian provinces
Canadian federalismCanadian Senate divisionsMunicipal government in CanadaBritish North America Acts

Question 9: A precedent, however, was set in 1968, when the government of ________ unexpectedly lost a confidence vote but was allowed to remain in power with the mutual consent of the leaders of the other parties.
Jean Chr├ętienLouis St. LaurentLester B. PearsonWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King

Question 10: What does the following picture show?

  Elizabeth II reads the Throne Speech at the opening of the third session of the 30th Canadian parliament on 18 October 1977, accompanied by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
  The burning of the parliament in Montreal
  The chamber of the House of Commons.
  Kevin S. MacLeod, the Usher of the Black Rod since 2008

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