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Parlement: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Rennes, briefly at Nantes, 1553)
WalesBreton languageBrittanyBreton people

Question 2:
Parlement, Rani Lakshmibai and Revelstoke, British Columbia are all:
All pages needing cleanup Medieval France French Revolution Parlements

Question 3: This behavior of the Parlements is one of the reasons that, since the ________, French courts have been forbidden by Article 5 of the French civil code to create law and act as legislative bodies, their only mandate being to interpret the law.
National Constituent AssemblyFrench RevolutionNational ConventionFrench Directory

Question 4: The following articles deal with certain of the former parlements of the ________:
Provinces of FranceAncien Régime in FranceAvignonGénéralité

Question 5: They had the duty, however, to record all royal edicts and ________.
ShariaScots lawXeerLaw

Question 6: Since in current ________ usage, parlement means parliament q.v., as in the English expression Parliament of France, there is confusion about the historical role of the parlements under the Ancien Regime.
Portuguese languageRomanian languageSpanish languageFrench language

Question 7: The objections made to the Parlement of Paris were in reaction to the essay, Réflexions sur la formation et la distribution des richesses ("Reflections on the Formation and Distribution of Wealth") by ________.
François QuesnayAnne Robert Jacques Turgot, Baron de LauneFrench RevolutionJacques Necker

Question 8: Some crimes, such as ________, exacted even more horrific punishment.

Question 9: France, through the Napoleonic Code, was at the origin of the modern system of civil law in which precedents are not as powerful as in countries of ________.
LawyerCommon lawShariaReception statute

Question 10:
Parlement, Estates of the realm and Carolingian Empire are all:
Medieval France Parlements Political history of the Ancien R%C3%A9gime French Revolution


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